Past, Present… FUTURE

Dear World,

We would like to apologize for our absence for most of this year. There have been several graphic medical changes to all of us, the entire staff, and we had to take a step back and get life under control. We are very sorry for being away for so long. We are still working on this project, but with life being what it is, it has changed.

We are able to share good news with you though. We have been blessed with technology and time. I, JK, have stopped writing Dracko in Novel format. I have chosen to create script for comic creation, as that was our next goal for this work anyway. We still plan on going toward Video Game. Our world is huge. It will take us a long time to create it for the game. In the mean time, we have decided to show our 3D world up close and personal and tell you our story.

Please bare in mind, it will be our 19th year anniversary for Dracko. I personally started writing this when I was 13. I am about to turn 45. Its been in the making for long enough and now we are pushing to be as visual as we can.

Part of the reason for doing this is because we want to show you what our end game will be. When you can be Moira or Rayen.. or anyone.. and LIVE the story first hand. We choose to do this now, instead of waiting for funding for the bigger picture. We, here at Dracko Pro, do not do anything lightly. Our world is huge. We are proud of this. Getting it to you properly takes good hard work, long hours of programing and writing and rendering, and faith in the story to carry it through to the end.

We have purchased equipment and programs that we need. We are taking tutorials to gain knowledge on how to do this ourselves. We are restructuring this world to flow with our own. We have plans to purchase land, build our studios, and hold our own cons. We have plans to do great things. Thank you for being with us though what is now, once again, a reboot.

Just as Moira is being reborn in the opening of this adventure, so too are we being reborn into greater things. Our goal is Dracko 24/7/365. Please join us as we make this dream come true and share our adventures with you.

Thank you for being here.

Un Dra Ess Dranea!

J.K. Gray