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Dracko Premium is a way to join and support Dracko Productions for making the stuff you love. We now offer subscription levels where you receive different digital rewards, all from the comfort of our site!

If you’d like early access to our development work for as little as $1 per month, consider subscribing to see work long before it goes public! 3D character and creature renders, commentary, process vlogs, private chat room access, live streams, and creation voting is just the tip of the content iceberg! We love to create and entertain. Your monthly contribution goes toward all costs of production.

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About Dracko Productions

Dracko Productions is a Texas-based production company operating across many mediums but focusing on 3D animation and 3D comics, founded by J.K. Gray.

Our team of writers, directors, producers, and editors draw on their diverse experiences in film, marketing, music, social media, illustration, and 3D art to create projects that connect with audiences and entertain them.

Our work is influenced by an array of genres, but our love for science-fiction and fantasy keep us creating and moving forward.

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Our Valuable Team Members

J.K. Gray
J.K. Gray
Writer &
C.A. Morgan
C.A. Morgan
Character Artist &
Art Director
Jacob Ross
Jacob Ross

Environment &
Props Artist

Creature Artist &
UV Editor

J.K. Gray’s Blog

Past, Present… FUTURE

Dear World,

We would like to apologize for our absence for most of this year. There have been several graphic medical changes to all of us, the entire staff, and we had to take a step back and get life under control. We are very sorry for being away for so long. We are still working on this project, but with life being what it is, it has changed.

We are able to share good news with you though. We have been blessed with technology and time. I, JK, have stopped writing Dracko in Novel format. I have chosen to create script for comic creation, as that […]