Mind Forestry

Hey World,

Thank you for taking time to read this today. So much has happened to us recently that our worlds were a bit out of control for a while. I am only going to share the awesome.. like Dru’s Creatures!!! Have you seen what he has been up to?? You really should. Its amazing. For many hours a day, he sits and works in Blender to bring to life the (possibly way to many) monsters I plan on throwing at our warriors.

Chella and I are still working on Character Models. We have so many people to make, and we love it. The Main Cast will be getting (at least) 5 Models each. I have written script for up to Chapter 32 out of 200. I am on 33 now. And since it just came up.. I want to reflect a little.

I know I should be taking this time to show you some more amazing things and sharing our behinds the scenes, but right now.. I just want to be real with you. A World holiday recently passed, “World Mental Health Day”, and I had to stop and talk about it a bit.

I know I get giddy and tell you how romantic and magical the story is .. and how epic its going to be. But, the ENTIRE reason I write is to tell a story that I think could help someone with life. I know many people who help me spiritually every day with just their honest heart felt posts. I get inspired constantly by those who are headlining the world today, and those who built it yesterday. I have been told before that my writing inspires people to feel better. I love that. I live for making you feel great. It is my honor.

However; in the news, its just not as inspiring. As we all do, we reflect on issues in our art that reflect our reality. I know it may sound a bit cliche, but, I touch on ALL topics in Dracko. You should be aware of this now. I cover everything from rape, to abuse, to prejudice, to addictions, to molestation, to blackmail.. and so forth. Name it and I have it in there. This story is not to be taking lightly.

I DO cover Love, Passion, Sex, Lust, Victories and Life changes from the Soul. I go full circle at all times.

Now, granted, I don’t shine hard lights on them and show you how it all went down. What I do instead is ask you to see the end result. See this adult here who has been through things that people should not through.. and they are a Hero … Enemy… Savior… Warrior… Preacher… Teacher.. Leader. Here is their story. Can you relate? We only have over 200 characters for you to choose from. 20 Main cast. <3

So, here we have Moira, this… person made by magic through science who was created for a very bad reason.. to kill someone. That is damn harsh. She spends her time learning about THEIR deeds, and what THEY did to get the history of their people to the state she walked into.

They made her to fix their problems. A person who was just figuring out what life is has been handed great responsibility to take care of someone else’s fuckup. And.. just as we explore every single aspect of what makes an individual do the things they do… I am sending this young inexperienced person made for murder to make it all right.

Yes, I do put her through allot. You know why… I have been through allot. I am not using this work as a “Look at what has been done to ME” kind of sappy victim rendition of needing pitty. Oh Hell No. While my past issues ARE in the story, you won’t be able to tell which one through all the other lives I know in reality who needed to have their voice heard to.

I know many broken souls. I know many pieced hearts. I know MANY tired spirits who just want to have a calm, safe, protected and peaceful life. That of which is hard to do. Or.. is it? Life can change.. life will change. Life HAS changed. And through this work, I shall tell you all about it.

Our lives now, after all these years… they are the BEST they could be. And… they keep getting better every day. We, here at Dracko Pro, every single one of us, love life so much. We love this planet, we love all these people on this high flying spinning life caring vessel we call home. We have learned through our lives to appreciate and give thanks.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. We work every day (Do not take it lightly.. EVERY day) on this. Though, we know it will take us at least a year to get the 1st comic out by the standards we placed on ourselves.. we do it for you. Thank you. We love you.

Un Dra Ess Dranea



P.S. If you are soul like I mentioned before, remember this in all that happens to you.. I love you.  It may not be much.. but I know all to well that one spark in the dark can make a great difference in finding a safe spot to just breathe.  If you need to breathe… I wish you fresh winds.  <3